The Great Debaters

By Ernesto Verdugo | January 9, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 dear SIAN friends. I am now in Houston Texas Running away from the cold Dutch winter! I wanted to share with you a 4 minute trailer of a film I just watched. As you possibly remember from my trainings I love using film clips to prove some of my points. Amongst my favorite movies are: Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, The Matrix, The Lion King. Yesterday I watched a film that surely will be part of this list and that I will absolutely use in trainings from now on. The film is called “The Great Debaters”, if you have not seen it YOU MUST see it it is really amazing and inspiring.



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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

By Ernesto Verdugo | December 24, 2008

Dear Sian Friends, I have not posted for a while, I’ve been very busy with the project I ran in Dubai. If you want to see what it was all about you can watch this 4 minute video

Besides that I want to Wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009. 2009 is going to be an Interesting Year for all of us. This is why this morning when I received this email from one of my mentors i was very eager to share it with you guys. I think it is really good!

I saw that vincent starts in his new post in January 2009. I’m sure you will miss him as he is a very good manager!

I’m not sure if i will see you guys next year bbut I will continue posting as often as I can as I want to keep in my own little way the SIAN spirit alive!

Best Wishe


P.S. Remember to leave your comments below

Seasons Greetings, Ernesto!

Well here we are again and like the song says,

“…and so this is Christmas, and what have you done?
Another year over, a new one just begun…”

It’s the time of year when many of us reflect on our year’s events…

Our goals; those attained and those unattained.
Our dreams; those fulfilled and those unfilled.
Our hopes; those dashed and those realized.

Perhaps you’ve achieved everything you set out to accomplish in the past 365 days. If so, Congratulations!

But what about the rest of us?

What about those of us who perhaps did not achieve everything we set out to do, or who encountered setbacks along the path of enlightenment we set out on 365 days ago?

Perhaps for some, the year was not as prosperous as we had hoped and some of the goals remained elusive.  Perhaps some of the lessons we learned seemed harsh and our teachers overbearing.

Yet we continue to learn, grow and choose our own path…

We celebrate our small victories of the past 365 days.

And you have victories you can celebrate and that you can check off as “accomplished” on that big “TO DO” list of yours.

You have done great deeds and have overcome great obstacles. They may not seem like large or obvious accomplishments at first, but when you think about it you have:

  • Impacted people in a positive way… CHECK!
  • Expanded your views and your personal education… CHECK!
  • Continued on the journey towards the ultimate you… CHECK!
  • Lived 365 days of living, loving and learning… CHECK!
  • Brought a smile to someone’s face… CHECK!

You have accomplished great things. Write down each accomplishment and celebrate each and every one of them.

Every time you shared a kind word, smiled at a stranger, assisted someone in need, or gave to the needy… or every time you overcame adversity and chalked it up to a learning experience… or even every time you didn’t flip out on the anonymous soul that cut you off on your way to the office!

You have accomplished great things.

Write them down and Check them off that big TO DO list of yours.

Each day has been an opportunity to create joy around you. Your actions have impacted the lives of those around you and the world is a better place for your participation in each of the past 365 days.

Have you had moments where you were less than brilliant? Of course you did. We all did! We all face adversity and moments of stress and indecision. So we deal with it and move on.

We all have learned from our experience, grown as individuals and done our best with the 365 days we all had.

The real question is…What will you do with the next 365 days?

How will you impact those around you? How will you make your world a better place?

What actions will you take to create legions of small victories that add up to mega accomplishment?

How will you share your light, your vision and your enthusiasm?

How will you take ownership? Will you write your book, spread you message, live your dream?

What will you do with your 365 days?

Write it down.

I leave them in your hands…

But will check back with you often.

With many blessings from my family to yours,

Mark Victor Hansen

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24 Years of Personal Development

By Ernesto Verdugo | September 24, 2008

Dear SIAN friends, I am sorry I have not posted for a while, I’ve been very busy with a project I will be doing in Dubai. I was also off for a few days as I celebrated my BIG 4-O!

It was not really a big celebrarion as I will have that on October 4th, We’ve hired a nice Canal Boat and we’ll do a Canal Boat Party that day 🙂 So if you are in the area let me know 🙂

Turning 40 was interesting (Nothing feels different), but I did reflect a bit about things I have done in my life and I am grateful about so many things I’ve done and accomplished throughout my life.

I honestly believe that I owe that to personal development. I started becoming interested in Self help and Motivational stuff in 1983 and to this date, not one week passes by that I do not listen to an inspiring motivational tape, read an empowering book or participate on a real or virtual seminar.

Seeing the amazing transformations personal development has created in my life, I though It might be a good idea to share some goden nuggets regularly of peronal development with you, so that’s what I will do on this and a few next posts. I will Introduce you to my personal development teachers, mentors and some of them fellow speakers.

To get Started allow me to share one of the most Inspirational videos I’ve seen in Years. It is 2 years old but if you have not seen it you will find it powerful too. It is from “The Secret”

Nice ha?

On Video Number 2 Please meet one of my oldes sucess teachers Brian Tracy! This video was actually on the first ever Motivational program I prurchased on a CD Rom in 1993 The message is short but powerful

Well Dear SIAN Friends, I obviously noticed that Marketing stuff was not really very interesting for you as NOBODY left any comments on the blog on the previous posts, so I hope you will comment indeed on these posts!

Big hug to All


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Shift Happens

By Ernesto Verdugo | September 10, 2008

Hello SIAN friends! Finally I am back from a 3 week holiday in the South of France. It was really nice. But I must admit although I was on holidays I was pending on how the viral marketing campaign I started before departing was doing.

First time I actually do this and WOW, it really blew my mind as of today 3989 people downloaded my book starting with a group of 350 people! This means that in 3 weeks the amount of people was multiplied by 10!

In my eyes this is amazing… Now I understand how powerful the Internet can really be!

I remember a short while ago I received this little “game” via an email.

Click here to Play the Game

As can see, you can play but there is also a “Tell a Friend” button! and you can invite 3 friends and there is also an incentive if you actually tell a friend about the little game!

So if we actually “study” the viral model this is what happens:

I’m not sure who or which department in KLM decided to do that BUT whoever was behind that is a very good Internet Marketer. After they have captured their name and email KLM was able to send them their special fares and promotions.

I believe very strongly that the world has changed dramatically thanks to the internet in fact I have two videos that will really make you think. They are A BIT long, but trust me they are BOTH amazing!

Video 1 explains how and where the world and the Internet are moving:

Something to think about don’t you think?

On Video 2 you can see where EDUCATION is moving, for this video I have a recommendation: Simply change the word “students” for “customers” and you will see an amazingly powerful lesson!

WOW… Shift Happens!

Now before I close this post I’ve got a question (and a challenge) I will love you to give me your ideas on the comments box below:

Please take out your “Yellow Brains” and try to come up with some creative (inexpensive or free) ways to use the Internet to virally grow Air France KLM’s Business in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand!

Enjoy and until our next post


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The Star Wars Saga!

By Ernesto Verdugo | August 20, 2008

Dear SIAN friends, I’ve been quite busy this weeks as I just released my FIRST Ever Viral Marketing Book!

I am thrilled about it! Possibly you remember that on the SIAN convention I provided you with a few very useful websites, and that I have also sent you a number of websites that are also very useful 🙂

Well, that was simply part of my research. Today I just released my end product!

I’ve been posting a lot on Inspiration and Motivation, but I think it is also useful to do a post or two in business practices. At the end of the day SIAN is a business organization. So that’s why I am taking the liberty to twll you today about VIRAL MARKETING.

Also I thought it would be interesting for you to see this video as it will bring some interesting memories:

Indeed VIRAL MARKETING is very powerful. Wih the launch of my first Viral Marketing Book, I hope to get myself positioned as a Marketing expert on the Internet! Now, few people on the online business community know about me but I belive using Viral Marketing, that will change soon. I’ll keep you posted

Let me give you a powerful lesson in marketing: I will love you to learn together with me how VIRAL Marketing works.

Please do the following:

1) Go to and download your Amazingly Useful Websites Book, follow the instructions and learn the 4 step process to make a viral campaign online!

2) Enjoy your book!

I will soon let you know about the results of the viral campaign.

I hope that this marketing lesson was interesting and please remember to add your comments on the comments space below

Big hug


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